The Denebian Slime Devils' Wiki and Filk-A-Rama

Greetings Internet Traveler!

You've stumbled across the WWW home of the Denebian Slime Devils, a Baltimore-based filk group that's been writing and performing sci-fi, media and pop-culture song parodies since the late 1970's. To check out some of our parodies you can a.), click on anyone of the three links under Song Books (over there, on the left), b.) click on one of the tags in the tag cloud below it, or c.) type in some search terms into the search box near the top on the right.

Once you've found the filk of your dreams you can print it out by looking for the print link at the bottom of each page on the right. Now you can proudly hang it in your cubicle (to the envy of all of your co-workers), fold it into a killer paper airplane, or make into a paper hat for your lucky troll doll. Then, when you've finished admiring our handiwork, you can recycle it responsibly!

And please, feel free to contact us at "slime_devils at". We'd love to hear from you!

The Denebian Slime Devils

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