A Whole New Game

SUNG TO: “A Whole New World” from Disney’s Aladdin

An ST:DS9 Parody by M. James

(Quark) I can make you a deal,
I’m a community leader.
Business profits and greed are part of my folk’s pedigree.

(Odo) I can show you the jail,
If you make just one blunder.
Break the law and your under-handed ways are history.

(Quark) A whole new game,
Since the Cardassians withdrew.
They never told me no, or where to go,
Or interrupted my scheming.

(Odo) A whole new game,
With Starfleet making its debut.
And now that they are here, it’s crystal clear,
That now I’m in a whole new game with you.

(Quark) All are welcome to buy.
Glad that wormhole is stable.
Customers crowd my tables,
Giving everything a try.

A whole new game.

(Odo) Don’t you dare try a thing.
(Quark) I’ll be the richest in the place.

(Odo) Don’t hold your breath, you thief.

(Quark) With holosuite pleasures,
Latinum treasures,

(Odo) I’d like to beam you into outer space.

(Quark) A whole new game.

(Odo) And when your back is turned,

(Quark) With tourists’ money I’ll accrue.

(Odo) They’ll steal it back or sue.

(Both) I’ll watch them everywhere,
I’ll be prepared,
But be aware,
I’ll keep one eye on you.

A whole new game.
We’ll wait and see.

(Odo) A thrilling chase,

(Quark) A busy place,

(Both) For you and me!

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