Alien's Lament

Alien's Lament

(To the tune of "Adelaide's Lament") M. James 7/2/05

The unnamed alien invader
Feeling Pretty Secure
Due to microscopic organisms may react
With unexpected Symptoms
It cannot endure
Affecting the whole outcome of the attack

In other word, from hanging around the Earth and acting bold
An alien can develop a cold

It can bury sophisticated war machines under the ground
And wait a million years until there are people around
And hide themselves in lightning bolts so fast they can't be found
But an alien can develop a cold

(You may not believe me)
The alien invader
With its big bright eye
Looks around for human beings to consume (consume?)
Then it gets these symptoms
Just like you or I
That makes it impossible for it's activities to resume

In other words, just from breathing the good old air like me and you
An alien can develop the flu

It can march around all day and attack everything on the Jersey Shore
It can turn off power and topple the buildings with destruction galore
It can try to annihiliate everything, but for this there is no cure
An alen can develop the flu

And furthermore, when it seems that victory is in its grasp
An alien starts to wheeze and to rasp

It can suck all the blood out from people and leave a billion dead
It can spread fertilizer all over to turn the whole planet red

It can do all of these things and many more, but it must be said
An alien can develop the grippe
And trip
And ooze begins to drip
With the stumbling
And the tumbling
And a thud that's really a pip!

From a lack of proper reconnaissance
And some germs a trillion years old
An alien can develop a bad, bad cold!


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