All Those Great British Shows

(Sung to "On the Street Where You Live" from "My Fair Lady", Lerner & Lowe) M. James, 11/2012

When I turned on my TV to watch some shows
The selection it was "grim"
SyFy Channel showing wrestling once again
And the crime shows all were dissecting some limbs
And I don't need twenty football games on hand
When I can see BBC America, On Demand

There are some good shows on US TV
But Hallmark cannot compare to Masterpiece Myster
PBS is fine, it has me in mind
When it airs all those great British shows

Conversations sparkle in little towns
And the children don't make parents lok likce circus clowns
Older people too have their points of view
When I watch all those great British shows

And oh! Those wonderful accents!
Everything has class t seems when I hear
Those posh and proper Brit accents
Even Cockney has it charms when it appearas

I'm sure British shows can be rubbish too
But thank goodness that's not what they send for us to view
Take your CSI, I don't care 'cause I
Can spend time watching great British shows

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