Benedict With Martin As John

(Sung to "Abraham, Martin and John" by Dion) M. James 11/2012

Has anybody here seen BBC "Sherlock"?
One of the hottest shows that's on
I've seen a lot of Sherlocks, but this guy's cute and young
He's Benedict, with Martin as John

Anybody here seen Holmes played by Benedict?
He's as brilliant as they come
The fangirls love the sexy new Sherlock
With Benedict, and Martin as John

Anybody here seen Watson played by Martin?
He's the steady, loyal one
The fangirls cried at the last cliffhanger
Seeing Benedict, with Martin as John

Didn't you think they deserved at least one Emmy?
Didn't Martin win a BAFTA for the BBC
It's "Elementary"
Some day soon, they're gonna be some big stars

Anybody here waiting for "The Hobbit"?
And the next Trek film to come
These guys are everywhere, just wait and see
Bilbo-Martin, and Benedict, as Khan

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