The Denebian Slime Devils have been watching movies, throwing parties and singing together since high school. I think Nixon was in office. It's kind of hard to remeber, it's was all a blur. But I digress. The Slimes have spent all of their mis-spent lives in Baltimore, MD, with the exeption of Denise, who was born in England but she was baby when they moved back to the States so it hardly counts. Anyway, the bios below were written years ago and have litttle to do with reality, not that they ever did.

Melissa J. Lyricist, web-zine junkie, Keeper of the Blue Pencil. Melissa writes the songs and makes sure we get to rehearsals. The most traveled of all the Slimes, she has opened for the Pope on two continents.

Denise M. Support lyricist and Hogwarts historian. Denise has been voted Slime Most Likely to Change Hair Color and Last Name for more years than anyone cares to mention.

Cathy D. The most mysterious of all the Slimes, Cathy is only known through her convention appearances and the cryptic outgoing messages heard on her answering machine. We slide all new songs under her front door and leave. Quietly.

Gina D. Web Diva and Artist in Captivity. Too old to be Goth, she blames her mostly black wardrobe on her Italian heritage. Besides, it's easy to coordinate while being ever-so-slimming. She also has cats.

Kathy S. The only Slime to contribute to the gene pool, Kathy hosts all the rehearsals at her house, where we spend about 90% chatting and catching up and 10% actually rehearsing. Martha Stewart would just die if she saw her place. So far all invitations to Martha have been returned unopened.

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