Captain Of The Ship

(Slime 1) Did she finally see "Generations"?
(Slime 2) Well, there she is, let's ask her
(Slime 1) Mary Sue, is that a ticket stub in your hand?
(Slime 4) Um-hmm (Slime 5) Gee, it must have been fun to see him again
(Slime 3) Will he be in another movie?
(Slime 4) Uh-uh (All) By the way, where'd you meet him?

I saw him first in '66
It was on TV - you saw the series?
Yes we saw
That's when I fell for the Captain of the ship

Mundanes were always putting him down (down, down)
But he became a figure of galactic renown
(Whatcha mean when you say he was galactically renowned?)
Seeking out strange new worlds
Scoring with all those alien girls
That's why I fell for the Captain of the ship

One day the network said watch something new (new, new)
With the show gone was my Jimmy Kirk through
(Whatcha mean when you say was your Jimmy Kirk through?)
That was the summer of '69
But years later, the movies did fine
I wouldn't forget you, the Captain of the ship

(Spoken) Then came the day he would meet Picard
To fight a mutual foe
As they bravely tried to wrap Soran
The end was coming, a final blow
Why I watched this film, I'll never know
(no, no, no, no , look out, look out, look out!)

I felt so helpless, what could I do
Remembering adventures he had been through
'Cause when my Jimmy had to die All he could say was "oh,my"
What a dumb death scene for the Captain of the ship!


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