Caribbean Queen

by Melissa J. 02/07/2004
Sung to "Caribbean Queen" by Billy Ocean

He sailed into town on an old leaky boat
As he stepped on the dock the boat didn't stay afloat
With a sword and a compass that didn't point north
Beads clanged in his hair as he sauntered forth

He was in search of his shipmates
Who left him to die
He has a queer eye
For a pirate guy

He's a Caribbean queen
As he sashays on the scene
Acting half mad from the sun
One more shot in his gun

He's searching now for one piece of gold
Helping the son of a friend and maintain the pirate code*
He wants to captain the Black Pearl again
And the Royal Navy's being a royal pain

He finally got his ship back
All was going well
Until the monkey
Put him back under the spell

He's a Caribbean queen
More adventures to be seen
That is if he isn't hung
So he's still on the run

*they're more like guidelines…

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