Chances Are

(sung to “Chances Are” by Johnny Mathis) DM

Chances are
When you wear the Sorting Hat
You’ll feel like a dunce on display.
Chances are that Fate decides where you must stay.

Chances are
If your loyalty is true
And patience is what you’re made of too.
Chances are that Hufflepuff’s the House for you.

Chances are
If you like to use your brains
And learning to you is the key.
Chances are that Ravenclaw’s the place to be.

Chances are
If you’re sent to Slitherin
There won’t be a means of escape.
Chances are even a parceltongue would run from Snape.

Chances are
While you wear the Sorting Hat
You’re dreading the outcome, for sure.
But chances are your chances are good for Gryffindor.

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