Deep Space Station 9

Sung to: “Love Potion No. 9”

A parody by M. James

That Borg Picard said, “Now look here, Sisko”
“Bajorans need us and you have to go”
I couldn’t believe where I’d finally been assigned
Some dinky little place named, Deep Space Station Nine

Bajoran Kira is the attaché
I know she wants us all to – go away
The food replicators are tormenting Chief O’Brien
And even my own son hates, Deep Space Station Nine

Bridge: My Science Officer was once a little old man
The Doctor tries to flirt with her whenever he can
I have to be polite to snotty Cardassians
A good thing that I’m known to be – a patient man

My Constable is the shifter Odo
Each sixteen hours he becomes Jell-O
A Ferengi named Quark hawking porno all the time
And now we’ve got a wormhole near, Deep Space Station Nine

Bridge: We met another race that moved as quick as a wink
Their questions came and went so fast, I hardly could think
The scenes were changing back and forth before I could blink
I saw my life, I saw my wife – I need a drink

This stable wormhole changes everything
We’ll be a place that’s really happening
The tourists are coming so I better not resign
‘Cause someone’s got to watch this zoo – Deep Space Station Nine

Deep Space Station Nine

Deep Space Station Nine

Deep Space Station Nine

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