Doin' What Comes Nat'rally

(sung to the tune of the same by Irving Berlin)

I was seen on Tatooine as a slave with no learnin'
But I'm smart as I can be doin' what comes naturally
(Doin' what comes naturally)

I raced a pod against the odds and faced that creep Sebulba
Still I got myself set free doin' what comes naturally
(Doin' what comes naturally)

You don't have to take lessons to know
how to build a droid like C3PO
You don't have to pilot a big starship
to save the fleet on your first space trip
That came naturally
(That came naturally)

Qui Gon Jinn would have trained me to be a Jedi knight
He took me to the Council but they said it wasn't right

I got no pa, just my ma, my blood's got weird things in it
I was an instant family doin' things unnaturally
(Doin' things unnaturally)

I'm one branch short of a family tree
and the Jedi don't know what to make of me
They're not sure if my future's dark or bright
So they don't want me training as a Jedi knight
That would be risky
(That would be risky)

I'll save my ma, marry Amidala and serve Obi-Wan Kenobi
One day they'll remember me doin' what comes naturally

Doin' what comes naturally!

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