Dumbledore's Army

(To the tunes of "The Ballad of the Green Berets " )
D. Masters, 006/29/07

Fighting Umbridge at each turn
Fighting for the right to learn
To foil an educational decree
We had to form Dumbledore's Army

Expelliarmis, Reducto
Stupefy and Protego
The charms we need to be ready
To defend ourselves, we're Dumblerdore's Army

A protean charm on a special coin
Given out to all who join
A meeting room that's quite unique
Come learn defense with the Potter technique

Expelliarmis, Reducto
Stupefy and Protego
Lessons now banned by the Ministry
That's why we're part of Dumbledore's Army

Bad at Charms and scared of Snape
We can get you back in shape
Defensive spells you'll put to use
Dumbledore's Army is on the loose

Expelliarmis, Reducto
Stupefy and Protego
We'll fight dark arts, we'll be ready
As a proud member of Dumbledore's Army

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