Everything New Is Old Again

(To the tune of “Everything Old is New Again”) M. James 6/24/05

We went to the movie theater
To see a brand new feature
But every preview caused disdain
‘Cause everything new is old again.

Herbie the Love Bug, the Honeymooners
Bewitched and Batman for us baby boomers
They’re not as lovable as they were then
But everything new is old again.

Dust off the old scripts when all else fails
Push it through studio marketing and sales
Most of the writers in the credits are dead
So let’s pretend we thought of it instead

To TV Land and Nick at Night a toast
They should be suing for part of the gross
Why not stay home and remember when
When everything new is old again.

Movie remakes are nothing new
But these producers don’t have a clue
Can’t they leave the old shows alone
And write something of their own

This cycle may be ending
But one day we won’t know if it’s offending
When we get Alzheimer’s then
Everything old will be new again!

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