M. James 11/2010
Sung to the "Flintstones" theme by William Hanna/Joseph Barbera/Hoyt Curtain

Facebook, we're on Facebook
Keeping touch with friends and family

Everything we're doing
's in the Wall for everyone to see

Let's give our Aunt Ernestine a Poke
Saves more time than if we actually spoke

When you're part of Facebook
You don't need to see a human
Talk to a human
And still have a grand time!

Facebook, we're on Facebook
As narcissistic as we want to be

We can tag a photo
Who cares about others' privacy

Let's go play with all our Happy Pets
Cheaper than taking real ones to the vet's

So let's go on Facebook
Check the status of some humans
Yeah it's so human
Oh the humanity!

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