Well, no one's acutally asked any questions yet, much less frequently, so we made up a few to help you get you going…

Who (or what) are the Denebian Slime Devils?

Glad you asked. The Debian Slime Devils are a group of fikers (filk group?) who perform at Baltimore, MD conventions, mostly Shore Leave and the various incarnations of Far Point. We have in the past performed at August Party, at least one filk con and a bar mitzvah party.

What is filk?

The following definition of filk is excerpted from Roberta Rogow's FutureSpeak:
"filk (fan): The music of Science Fiction, composed and performed by fans at conventions. The term is supposed to have come from a possibly apocryphal song sheet, on which "folk songs" was mistyped as "filk songs", after which the term stuck. It has been dated as early as 1947, but SF historian Sam Moskowitz insists that fans were writing filk long before that." And quite frankly, that's good enough for us.

So, how did you guys get started?

We started out as a bunch of square pegs in a round-hole Catholic high school. We first met when the lunch table topic du-jour turned to TV Shows That Were Cancelled Before Their Time and everyone (well, just us) tossed in Star Trek. We first performed at said Catholic high school as the Non-Bio-Degradeable Degenerates (hey, it was the 70's, man) but they let us graduate anyway.

What's your inspiration?

When we first started out it was mostly Classic Star Trek episodes. Since then we've drawn material from all the many Trek incarnations, Star Wars, current events, and just about anything else that strikes our fancy. We're also infuenced by Monty Python, Tom Lehrer, Doctor Demento, Spike Jones, Wierd Al Yancovic, Stan Freeberg and the Capitol Steps. What can we say, we draw from the best.

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