Go To Youtube

(To the tunes of "That's Amore " by Dean Martin)
R. DeSimone, 07/04/07

When your mind needs a fix
Like some dumb hamster tricks
Go to YouTube

When the world closes in
And you just need to grin
Go to YouTube

Dogs that sing, gerbils on the wing
Kitties with a string, and you'll sing
What the hell-a!

Polling day, politicians bray
They just yack away, like a gay
Alarm bell-a!

Oh, when you're in the mood
For something that's real crude
Go to YouTube

When your movie downloads
And your hard drive explodes
You're in love

When your eyes start to blur
And you can't keep from blurting
"It's too lewd!"

'Scuzza me, but you see
That's what you get for free
There on YouTube!

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