I Remember Roswell

(Sung to "I Remember It Well") MJ 9/97

Spoken: I can remember everything as if it were yesterday….

It came from space (It came from the Air Force)
It came to visit (It blew off course)
Ah yes, I remember Roswell

The officers there (Blanchard and Marcel)
Called it a saucer (They overreacted - oh well)
Ah yes, I remember Roswell

A press release came soon (It was changed that night)
(The craft was a weather balloon)
Yeah right, yeah right
(We have concerns to know that you remember things the way you do)
Ah yes, I remember Roswell.

BRIDGE: How often I thought of that July (June) night
When the UFO wreckage was in view
And somehow I foolishly wondered if you might
Come clean to the American people too

That creaseless foil (New technology)
Wood that wouldn't burn (Not that you could see)
Ah yes, I remember Roswell

That big black box (The battery)
Those alien symbols (From a toy company?)
Ah yes, I remember Roswell

There was a cover-up! (That just isn't true)
Am I getting paranoid? (Oh no, not you)
(We really want to set things right
So just look here into this light…)

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