Indiana Jones - The Last Crusade

Sung to: “The Ballad of Davy Crockett”

A Parody by D. Masters

Indy, Indiana, searching for the Holy Grail

Playing in the mountains of old Utah
Found the Cross of Coronado, but he didn’t get far
Took him a train trip none too serene
And fought him a lion when he was thirteen

Indy, Indiana, will search for the Holy Grail

He searched for relics when he didn’t teach
And he escaped danger by the skin of his teeth
He searched for the Ark, fought Nazis in Nepal
‘Till one day he learned of the greatest search of all

Indy, Indiana, must search for the Holy Grail

For forty years his old man researched the Grail
But now he was gone, leaving only his mail
Indy found the diary, and knew he had to go
So he took off for Venice, with Brody in tow

Indy, Indiana, searching for the Holy Grail

He searched the catacombs, his need was dire
He waded through rats and swam under fire
He stormed through a castle, without a second thought
And found his father, but then they got caught

Indy, and his father, mightn’t live to see the Holy Grail

What he thought was true love he found wasn’t so
She talked in her sleep, but how did Dad know?
He and his dad escaped their fated doom
And set off for the Canyon of the Crescent Moon

Indy, and his father, still searching for the Holy Grail

They fought the Nazis, it was anything but fun
‘Till they came to the Temple of the Sun
He would find the Grail, if he didn’t lose his head
Had to find it fast, or his father would be dead

Indy, Indiana, had to find the Holy Grail

He faced many obstacles that were a chore
And came face to face with a Knight of yore
The Grail has its price, as all things must
Donovan was unwise, and he turned into dust

Indy, Indiana, must choose the Holy Grail

Indy put his father’s love above all things
And chose the cup of the King of Kings
The girl and the Grail soon came and went
But he and his father found enlightenment

Indy, Indiana, had found the Holy Grail

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