to the 5th Denebian Slime Devils' songbook! We're getting this ready during the week of Shore Leave 21, so in the interest of time and "boredom" we'll keep it short. Here in this collection are some 30 song parodies of some of our favorite shows/films: Star Trek, Star Wars, X-Files, etc. Also, we have sev-eral songs that reflect the times, from John Glen to the Y2K scare. One of these days we'll put together a compendium of the hundred-odd (and we do mean odd!) parodies we've performed over the past 20 years. What a long weird trek it's been, indeed. Anyway, read them over, sing, laugh, (we hope) and enjoy!


The Denebian Slimedevils,


Melissa J., Cathy D., Denise M., Gina D. and Kathy S.

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