Jango Jango Jango

(sung to “Jingle, Jangle, Jingle") MJ 07/02

I see clones of Jango, Jango, Jango
And they're all marchin' merrily along
The Jedi say ain't we glad we're single
For the Force never leads us to do wrong

Oh Padme, Oh Padme
Anakin is gonna marry you no matter what Obi-Wan say!


Oh Obi-Wan, Oh Obi-Wan
If you only knew your protege was part of the Dark Lord's plan*


Oh Mace Windu, Oh Mace Windu
I'm still rooitn' for ya but I think you'll fall to Count Dooku

Oh Master Yoda, Oh Master Yoda
How come you fight like a ninja but you walk like Abe Vigoda?


*pronounced "plahn"

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