Kiss The Girl

(Based on "Kiss the Girl" from The Little Mermaid) MJ, DM 06/09

There we see them
Sitting 'round their living room
Doubt that they'll be dating soon
Their social skill aren't there
It's easy to see why
No matter how hard they try
They rarely kiss the girl

Leonard wants Penny
He really wants to be the one
He doesn't tell her what he's done
To try and impress her
He needs to be heard
And to be less of a nerd
To ever kiss the girl

My, oh my
Look at Raj, too shy
Can't even talk to girls
Unless he's drunk
And he shows some spunk
He's gonna miss the girl

Wallowitz, oi vey!
Thinking that he's Don Juan
Girls look at him and run
He's no Cassanova
A brisket from Mom
And what he thinks is charm
He'd rather frisk the girl

Sheldon's bland
He doesn't understand
Why he should kiss a girl
There'd be a red alert
If a girl tried to flirt
And he would diss the girl

They should take a look
From out of comic books
And they should kiss a girl

The human equation
Is the occassion
To kiss the girl

Why don't they kiss the girl
They gotta kiss some girls
Go on and kiss some girls

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