Mission Impossible

Verses (Sung to the main theme)

Long ago / TV shows / were based upon / good movies
The talent pool / of TV stars / were were from the stage / and radio

Time went on / shows were spawned / written for / the small screen
But a lot / of shows had got / ten their start from / the movies

Suddenly / everything / that you see / looks familiar

TV shows / black and white / that filled the night / are back now
Shows that age / are all the rage / as basis for / big movies

TV stars / now movie stars / are in movies / from TV
If they’re smart / they’ve got a part / they’re set for life in


(Background - sung to base line)*

Gidget, Blondie, Tammy, Lassie
Topper, Ghost and Mrs. Muir, and
Bob and Carol, Ted and Alice,
Casablanca, Dr. Kildaire,
Farmer’s Daughter, Mr. Roberts,
I Remember Mama, Peyton Place,
The Paper Chase, The Thin Man,
Twelve O’Clock High, The Virginian,
No Time for Sergeants, Logan’s Run,
Please Don’t Eat the Daisies, The Odd Couple,
Going My Way, Naked City,
Shaft, Buck Rogers, Adam’s Rib
How The West Was Won, The Cowboys,
My Friend Flicka, M*A*S*H

Brady Bunch, The Jetsons,
Maverick, Lone Ranger, Beverly Hillbillies,
Flipper, Twilight Zone, The Flintstones,
Untouchables, Muppet Show,
The Fugitive, Get Smart, and
Addams Family, Dragnet,
My Favorite Martian, Batman, Star Trek, Avengers, Wild Wild West,
X-Files, Star Trek, South Park, Next Gen, Next Gen

Pass the popcorn, raisenttes and soda
I don’t know if I’m at home or at


  • Will vary according to what’s being remade as a movie and when.
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