Pirates Of The Carribean

(sung to “Margaritaville by Jimmy Buffet") MCD 2/04

Please cut me some slack
Just want my ship back
The one being manned by a skeleton crew
They're searchin' for gold coins
The ones that they purloined
Last of eight hundred and eighty-two

Cruisn' away again on the Carribean
Searching for that last medallion of gold
Some people say that there's a curse that's to blame
But you know, it's their greed untold

I just did my duty
And rescued the beauty
They guessed who I was by my sparrow tattoo
I just wanted to sail
Now I'm in jail
You'd think by that I'd have a clue


I'm now stuck behind bars
Hanging won't be far
Need to escape or I'll end up dead
Should have learned my lesson
Avoid a hangin' session
Give up the moonshine, stick to rum instead


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