Send In The Clones

(sung to “Send in the Clowns") MJ 06/02

Isn't it weird
Look at this pair
Obi-Wan out cold on the ground
Yoda in mid-air
Send in the clones

Anakin must protest
The ex-queen of Naboo
Or they'll end up being fed
To pets of Dooku
And fight with his drones
Send in the drones

Just when I thought Jar Jar was gone
He's in the Senate and causing irreparable harm
The emperor is as usual up to no good
We know he's the chancellor
Under that hood

Anakin's in love
He's not s'pposed to care
But how can a boy ignore a girl
With clothes cut down to there?
Quick find Obi-Wan
Where's Obi-Wan
Don't bother, they're bare

Can't wait for Luke and Leia to arrive
Who'll end up as Bantha bait
Who'll get out alive
We'll see all the clones
Fighting the drones
In 2005

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