Sharknados In The Sky

R. DeSimone 7/15 (Sung to "Ghost Riders in the Sky" by Stan Jones)

It all began in LA on a bright and sunny day
At the beach some dudes were surfing and the children were at play
When all at once the sky grew dim and in the air they say
Whirling clouds of certain death, with great big toothy jaws

Yi-pi-yi-yay, yi-pi-yi-yo
Sharknados in the sky

From the chaos there emerged a man whose nerves were mad of steel
"Semper Paratus" was Fin's cry, and then it got surreal
The sharks ripped into everyone and chewed up scenery
With homemade bombs and chainsaws, Fin crushed them eagerly

Yi-pi-yi-yay, yi-pi-yi-yo
Sharknados never die

But they weren't done, they regrouped, New York City was trashed next
The sharks tore up Manhattan and Miss Liberty they axed
But the bombs and swords were useless so they had to improvise
Fin froze the air with freon, and sharks were dropping from the skies

Yi-pi-yi-yay, yi-pi-yi-yo
Frozen shark-flavored pies

The sharks then stormed the east coast from DC to Orlando
The sharnados got together and a sharkicane did grow
Blowing up a spare space shuttle was Fin Shepard's only choice
Till a falling piece of space craft, went right at his wife's face

Will his wife stay or will she go?
We'll know in Sharknado 4!!!

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