To "Sisters" by Irving Berlin
M.C. Dougherty 2017

Sisters, sisters
There were never such unlikely sisters
Never thought we'd see each other alive again
We're back together, forever, amen!

Glaring, daring
All those "little" secrets we are sharing
When a certain family destroyed our house
She wore the face, and slayed that louse

For years we were scattered, lost, beaten and battered
Forced to survive alone
But we're together, in the winter weather
With our eyes on the Iron Throne

Those who've, seen us
Tried to build a giant wall between us
Many folks have tried to kill us off, yet here we stand
The warrior and the princess, each with their own special skill sets
Fair warning to outsiders
Don't come between me and my clan!

Repeat 3rd and 4th verses

Mister, don't come between me and my clan!

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