Dedicated to our favorite blanket-with-sleeves

Sung to "Sunny" - Bobby Helms
MJ - 10/07/2009

Snuggie, yesterday my room seemed cold as ice
Snuggie, I put you on and now I feel so nice
Oh the warm days are done
The cold days are here
What should I wear - my choice is clear
Snuggie in red or blue
I love you

Snuggie, thank you for your warmth and your soft feel
Snuggie, thank you for the ads and special deals
Buy-one get-one free if I order tonight
I can get a free book light
Snuggie, it's so true
I love you

(but wait, there's more)

Snuggie, reading a good book with a cup of tea
Snuggie, relaxing in front of my TV
Reaching for the remote had it's demands
But with your sleeves I can use my hands
A Snuggie for my dog too
I love you

Snuggie, when I cuddle up in my favorite spot
Snuggie, thank you for making me feel so hot
You're the spark of natures fire
You're my one winter's desire
Snuggie, I can't blue
I have you

(zebra and leopard print too)

Snuggie, yesterday was dark with snow and rain
Snuggie, you covered me and took away my aches and pains
It's dreary outside
But I feel so alive
All for $19.95 (plus shipping and handling)
Snuggie one so true
I love you
I love you
I love you

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