Star Trek Is A Changin'

Tune: "The Times, They Are A-Changin'"

Come all of Trek fandom and hear of a tale
Of a starship called Enterprise when it set sail
That happened light years before Kirk saved the whales
With a captain and crew to be namin'
After 35 years a new show will unveil
And Star Trek, it is a-changin'

Come writers and critics and take up your pens
Let's see some Orions and Andorians
And welcome back our old friend Zefram Cochran
Let's keep their mem'ries from fadin'
So let's dust off the old 3-D chess set again
And is Star Trek really changin'?

A harkening back to old Trek we detect
A sense of adventure we fully expect
No miracle sickbay or cool holodeck
No transporter tricks to be claimin'
No don't sacrifice plots for special effects
Or the channel we'll be a changin'

Come crew men and women, retro is the key
But his time we'll be just a bit more PC
Starfleet will be bursting with diversity
No Janice Lester a ragin'
And let's hope we do better in this century
For Trek, it is a changin'

There still may be questions but full speed ahead
Will we learn how Klingons got bumps on their heads?
And if someone gets killed do you think they stay dead?
No time travelin' to save 'em
No we'll have to rely on good drama instead
'Cause our Trek it is a changin'

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