Surfin Cable Way

(To "Surfin' USA" by the Beach Boys)

If everybody had cable (ooh's throughout)
They might be home all day
'Cause everybody'd be surfin'
Not go to work, just play
You'd see 'em on the sofa
With the remote in hand
Engrossed in the Senate
Debating on C-SPAN

CHORUS: You can catch an old movie (HBO and CNN,
Or a biography TNN, ESPN,
Watch a new music video AMC and MTV
Go broke on QVC BET, Nickelodeon
Check out 500 sports games TNT, and VH1,
Do it all in a day Family & Disney)
Everybody's gone surfin'
Surfin' cable way

We're click' our remotes
We can't wait too long
Won't watch commercials
Attention span is gone
All the news is in sound bites
How did it get that way
From everybody surfin'
Channel surfin' away


And we'll be watching old sitcoms (Cinemax and History
Lucy and Dick Van Dyke Showtime and Discovery,
We can relive our childhood's Lifetime, Encore,
Nostalgia too)

By watching Nick at Nite (Playboy, USA, Prevue,
There's the Sci-Fi Channel TBS and TMC,
Comedy Central too There's no end to
what's to see)
Everybody's gone retro
See you on pay-per-view

Everybody's gone surfin'
Surfin' cable way 5X and fade

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