Take A Letter To Potter

Sung to "Take a Letter, Maria"

Last time that I saw him
'Twas just a babe in my arms
There were his parents, dead and gone
But the child had come to no harm
A green-eyed boy of wizard blood
Once cursed, but did survive
You'll have no problem finding him
He's now living on Privet Drive

Take a letter to Potter
Send it on by owl
Don't know if he'll get it
Those muggles are so foul

Take a letter to Potter
Invite him to our school
If he doesn't get the first one
Send a hundred more by ghoul

I thought it best to place him there
From prying eyes he'd be free
But now it's time "the boy who lived"
Learned his true identity
This life he's had, has been no fun
Cooped up, living under the stairs
And with his birthday coming up
He needs to know someone cares


He needs to know he's special
But these muggles magic they dread
If they try to hide him away from us
We'll have to send Hagrid instead
I'll give Hagrid limited power
Just to get the job done
Let's hope he doesn't lose his cool
And make a pig out of anyone


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