That's a Plan

M. James - 06/02

(sung to “That's A Plan" by Mark Mcguinn)

My father never reached outer space
'Cause the Vulcans had to keep us in our place
Now we get to take a wounded Klingon home
And our starship finally can freely roam


We're gonna launch this ship, read star charts
Beef up the sensors, find spare parts
We're a buch of human upstarts
For Starfleet Command

We're gonna cruise along at up to warp 5
Use the transporter, come out alive
Show everyone our sense of Enterprise
Now that's a plan, yeah, that's a plan

Hoshi is jumpy as can be
Phlox believes in eel therapy
Travis is a space boomer through and through
Trips' a good ole boy, but Malcom's words are few


Well, I'm sure T'Pol and I will have our spats
But she knows I'm the cptain and that is that


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