The Federation

(sung to "Macarena") MJ 9/96

This is a song that we really want to dance to
We don't know the words and we really don't care to
Don't know them, don't like them
Don't have to sing 'em if we really don't want to
They're boring, we're snoring
We could write better songs in one morning

CHORUS: Let's write a song and we'll call it Federation
Then we can do Trek moves in syncopation
We'll do it at a con and cause a sensation
Do the Federation

We could write about the Federation
The whole Starfleet organization
They hardly show it, so we don't know it
Unless they're up to their *** in trouble
(Spoken) Well, come on now, you know it's true
Kirk, Picard, and Sisko come to town and save their bacon


The Klingons won't ally with the Federation
Because of the Dominion infiltration
Won't join them, can't stand them
If Sarek were there they'd be in arbitration


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