The Last Time I Saw Paris

(Sung to same tune - Kern and Hammerstein)

A young man known as Paris
Romantic and charming
Has left the mercenaries
And joined the bridge crew.

Kirk and Riker were the hunks but now it's Paris's turn
He's always in the mood
But there's that attitude
He has much to learn.

The first time I saw Paris
Was in a Starfleet jail
His pilot error caused a crash
And led to his betrayal

The next time I saw Paris
He was in jail again
This time it was a murder trial
Set up by a woman

Don't covet someone else's spouse
That 's been around for years
If I had been the Captain
I would have boxed his ears

The next time I see Paris
I hope he's not in jail
If he's our new sex symbol
Let some common sense prevail.

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