The Mir Is A Shame

(To "Bei Mir Bist Du Schoen") 6/97

The Mir was in flames
The Progress was to blame
The Mir was hit by a craft that was unmanned

The American lost his clothes
His bunk flew out the hole
They spun out of control; this wasn't planned

We could say "Dosvedanya" To that Russian supply ship
Because in docking practice
They had an unexpected slip

The media explained
How the solar power drained
They needed the Energizer Bunny to be on hand

To steer the ship in Tsibliev used joysticks
And soon the Mir crew needed a quick fix
This video arcade was a cavalcade of
Supplies and of space debris
They lost their work and their satisfaction
Down to half power, the crew took some action
And so they plugged the leak and they took a peek
To see if they had to flee

It sure was a shame
To see the Mir in flames
To stay turned to the sun became their plan

We should say "Dosvedanya" To that trash-filled supply ship
Because the sanitation workers
Will have a long space trip

The Mir it was struck
The crew ran out of luck
Soyuz is there 'cuz Mir's disaster prone
Yes Soyuz is ready to take these people home

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