The Wet Side Of The Moon

Composed at the Philcon '09 Parody Workshop in commemoration of the discovery of water on the moon. Contributors: Ariel Cinii, Roberta Rogow, Amy Fass, Mark Mandel, Maugorn, and us, of course.

Sung to the tune "The Water is Wide"

The Eagle landed, we set down
But dust and rocks were all we found
We took a look and went away
No reason the for us to stay

We went again, we went is style
We hit a golf ball half a mile
We grabbed some rocks and took them home
No reason then for us to roam

Now forty years have come and gone
But still the memory lingers on
If there was water in that place
We'd use the Moon as Alpha Base

To find Moon water was our goal
Prospecting at the Southern Pole
We launched a probe up Luna's rear
And said "Good Lord, there's water here!"

A brand-new future's coming soon
We know this ain't our grandpa's Moon
Ice cubes to fill up throats and bars
Today the moon - tomorrow Mars!

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