The Wizarding World Of Harry Potter

Not everyone can write a song about a theme park they've never been to, but we're not everyone, are we?

Sung to "Pure Imagination" from "Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory" MJ 6/10

Come with me and you'll be
On a Florida resort vacation
Take one glance and you'll see
It surpasses expectations

There's a castle ahead
Everyone's filled with anticipation
Maybe Hagrid will be
At the station

If you want some sweets at Honeydukes
Or try some of Zonko's new tricks
Give your chosen wand a few flicks
Down a butter beer
At The Three Broomsticks

I am sure Dumbledore
Will be in his office there to meet you
Dragons fly swift and true
A hippogriff could greet you

If you want to be a kid again
This is just the place to feel free
Who cares if your six or sixty
Everybody needs a touch of whimsy

There is nothing amis
With applying one's imagination
Bring some cash to assist
It's a Universal wish

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