Third Rock From The Sun

(sung to song of the same name by Joe Diffie)

They've been on the Earth six months so far
Humans and aliens find each other so bizarre
The High Commander's horny, a big good-natured Dick
He's a puzzle to his students, makes his secretary sick
He's after Dr. Albright, and so's his evil clone
Which one will she prefer when she has them each alone

The second-in-command's a mighty big girl
Getting used to being female, but she'll give it a whirl
One minute she's coy, the next she's Schwarzenegger
Poor Mr. Randall doesn't know how to take her
Everything she cooks has to have cheese in it
Long tall Sally can do it in a minute

CHORUS: Will they fit in or be caught in pretense
All of the chaos makes perfect sense
It's a different world when you're a Solomon
Welcome to Earth, 3rd rock from the sun

Harry's the transmitter, the resident geek
His voice and style of clothing are not considered chic
He announces each message from the Big Giant Head
But he sounds like a supermarket ad instead
When he's finished broadcasting he sneezes, coughs, or burps
It's hard to do your job when you gotta be a twerp

The information officer is hitting puberty
He's the youngest but the wisest of this ragtag family
He seems to be the one who makes the most sense
Until testosterone hits his adolescence
Then he'd rather make out and have himself a ball
So I guess that makes him pretty normal after all

CHORUS 2x repeat last line 2x

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