This Golden Ring

by Meliss J. 02/07/04
(sung to: “This Diamond Ring" by Gary Lewis and the Playboys)

I was the first to own this golden ring
'Til Master Bilbo Baggins came with bad luck to bring

This golden ring was stolen from me once before
But this golden ring will be mine now and evermore
And Master Frodo's friend won't be so wise
They trust their little guide

I see Master Frodo, he understands
Why he can't put my Precious onto his hand

This ring of gold may not shine for me anymore
But after today it will be like it was before
And then they'll know the power of the One
Belongs to Gollum

I used to be a hobbit, Smeagal was my name
Then I saw my Precious and I never was the same

This golden ring is a power that is strong and true
And this golden ring is for me and it's not for you
And you'll see when we end these days of gloom
At the Crack of Doom

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