Trek Round

(from "Can Do" by Frank Lesser - Guys and Dolls)


I got a show that's fine
Its name is Deep Space 9
I like the cast and the storyline
Deep Space, Deep Space
I think DS9's the place
I think it's the coup de grace
Deep Space is the place

I can't miss Voyager
That's the show I prefer
It's nice to see a captain
Who is a her
Voyager, Voyager
Voyager's the show that's popular
I'm sure that you'll all concur
Voyager, I prefer

I'm waiting for Next Gen
To be a film again
They'll have a Borg Queen
To terrorize the fen
Next Gen,Next Gen
Can't wait to see Next Gen again
If I can hold out 'til then
Next Gen, that's when

DS9, Voyager, Next Gen film
I got the show right here!


I got a show that's fine
It's name is Deep Space Nine
It's Sisko's job to keep the station in line
Can do, can do
Bajor says the man can do
If they say the man can do
Can do, can do

There's Star Trek Voyager
They call the Captain sir!
Even though we realize
That it's a her
It's true, it's true
The captain she can do
All the crew knows that she can do
Can do, can do

Then there's Jean-Luc Picard
A man who works real hard
He drinks Earl Grey
When he's feeling tired
Earl Grey, Earl Grey
With Earl Grey he can save the day
If he can have a cup or two
Can do, can do

DS9, Voyager, and Next Gen
I got the show right here!

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