Twilight Time

Based on "Eclipse", book/movie three in the Twilight Saga

To "Twilight Time" by the Platters DM 07/10

Evening in Forks and rain is falling
It's twilight time
Deep in my dreams your voice is calling
Please be mine
When graduation comes then wedding bells will ring
Together, Edward it's twilight time

Down in Seattle Newborns gather
Their lust is strong
Soon they will come here seeking my blood
Before too long
I count the moments, Edward 'till we both are one
Together, forever it's twilight time

Here in the field where we once played
Your skin is sparkling
Like diamond dust
Trying to keep Newborns at bay
Common foes unite
As now we must

Jacob believes his kiss will show me
Who I adore
Much as I care for him he can't see
I love you more
Each night I pray for the day I will be like you
Together, forever it's twilight time

Safe in your arms you kiss still thrills me
Like the first time
Lighting a spark of love that tells me
You'll be mine
I still will pray each day until I'm just like you
Together, forever it's twilight time

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