Sung to: “Vincent” by Don McLean

A “Beauty and the Beast” Parody by M. James, D. Masters, M.C. Dougherty

Starry, starry night,
Beneath the city far away, in your palace deep and grey
With eyes that know the beauty of my soul
Shadows on a hill, helpless and alone until
You saw that life was clinging still
And took me to your safe and hidden land

I did not understand, what you tried to do for me
And how you saved me from insanity, you still remain a mystery
I did not feel love, I did not know how
But all that has changed now

Starry, starry night
Laughter ringing in the dark, symphonies played in the park
A private concert just arranged for two
Colors changing hue, sunrise on a magic morn
Two old souls become reborn
As feelings for each other start to grow

Now I think I know, what you really mean to me
And for so long you’ve yearned to wander free
And how it can never be
We were both prisoners, but now I see
Our love has set us free

For though I shouldn’t love you, but still my heart is true
And though you only hear of marvels and a lovely sky of blue
I’d gladly leave my world apart for you
For I could have told you, Vincent, above was never meant for one as beautiful as you.

Starry, starry night
Evening full of city lights, wonderful and tragic sights
As from above we watch and won’t forget
Like the strangers that we’ve met
Kids that have been tossed aside, people with a past to hide
Are soothed with gentleness and helping hands

Now I understand, what you really mean to me
Beneath the music and the poetry, you’re the other half of me
Though not together, I can’t stop thinking still
Perhaps one day we will.

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