Wall-E En Rose

(Sung to "La Vie en Rose" by Edith Piaf) RD 07/08

700 years I’ve worked alone
Hauling other people’s trash
And adding trinkets to my stash
That would all change but had I known

Then when I became aware
There was more to life out there
Than stacking stuff in rows

You came and flew across the skies
I could not believe my eyes
You danced yet had no toes

When you scanned along the ground
I knew my love I found
A love with a short fuse

And when you told me that your name was Eve
I knew that I had to make you believe

That the earth wasn’t so bad
There were things to make you glad
Right under your nose

So I brought you all my things
A cube and a box for rings
A bulb that you made glow

But when I brought to you a shoe
Within a plant I grew
I saw your interest grow

My plant you put into your heart
Then we were torn apart
And now I watch and wait
With you now safely here in my charge
The world seems to be a better place, by and large
Give your heart and hand to me and I will always be
Wall-E en Rose

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