Windows Wonderland

Browser, browser, browser

Intro: IBM went through this with Big Blue
Then it developed OS slash 2
Each year computers seem to get better and better

Some prefer Netscape, some Macintosh
But one corporation became the boss
The Justice Department and states will argue together

Are you forced to use Explorer
To become a web tourer
A monopoly has control of PC's
Working in a Windows wonderland

So power up your workstation
To pay for Bill Gates vacation
It requires eight megs to get on its legs
Entering a Windows wonderland

Bridge: In the old days people used a slide rule
Until calculators shot them down
LP s played the music that was real cool
Then CD s came and drove them out of town

So the times, they are a-changin'
And Microsoft may be complainin'
When something new comes along
That'll be just as strong
We'll be exiting our Windows Wonderland

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