Windows Wonderland 2.0

(sung to “Winter Wonderland") GD 5/03


The courts said MS would be split in two
What was poor Bill Gates going to do?
But later on things began to get better and better

Microsoft won, in one piece it will stay
Now Bill is going to get his own way
So Windows can finally bring everything together

So boot up Home Edition
And fulfill Bill Gates vision
Be all you can be, with Office XP
Working in a Windows Wonderland

Then kick off your old Reeboks
And turn on your new Xbox
And when you are through, surf with MSN, too
Playing in a Windows Wonderland

Some people started using another OS
That is until Billy got the word
"Undersell them, then we will be the best"
And then he went and flipped Linux the bird

So the times they are a changin'
And Microsoft ain 't complainin'
So when your SmartPhone gets through
From within your iLoo
You'll be living in a Windows Wonderland

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